Unexpected Blessings

Our service began a little on the disheartening side.  One of our Sunday school teachers was sick, another faithful member had to work and several of our regulars were missing in action.  This left us with a pretty small crowd, but we had purposed in our hearts that we would still praise God and have good church. (God is worthy to be praised no matter how many are at church!) As I sat with the young people listening to my husband teach a Bible lesson, there was a rattling at the side door, and suddenly I saw a familiar frame, being ushered through the door in a wheel chair.  It was none other than our dear Brother James!  Some of you know that back in February, James’s heart stopped beating, and he was without oxygen for 10 minutes. seejames’sstoryhere The doctors didn’t give him much hope, and some of them were even encouraging his wife to pull the plug.  Many people prayed, and God has brought Brother James a long way.  He has been staying with relatives that live about  1 1/2 hours away, and had not been able to be back in service with us until yesterday.  We had no idea that he was coming, so it was a pleasant surprise that almost had me in tears.  It was so good to see the smiling face of James once again, along with his wife and their 2 youngest daughters.  Thank you, Jesus!  We were also priviliged to have Rev. Paul Price and his wife come and minister.  Brother Price is a highly respected elder minister who has much wisdom, and it is always a blessing and encouragement to hear him speak. 

Sunday evening, my husband had been invited to preach at our sister church in Fremont, pastored by our good friend Steve Kerr and his wife, Carole.  We had a wonderful service and at the close of it, Pastor Kerr got up and told his people that God had laid it on his heart to take up an offering for our church that evening, so that we could purchase a new keyboard.  (My daughter, who right now is our only keyboard player has had her eye on a Yamaha Motif ES8.) This is by no means a large(probably about 50 people present) or rich congregation, but they gave sacrificially and took up a generous offering.  This morning, my husband found the exact keyboard that we wanted on Craigslist, and it was being sold by someone that only lived an hour away from us.  They were willing to take what we had to offer for the keyboard(which is in mint condition), even though they originally payed twice as much for it.  Below are a couple of cell phone pictures I took of the keyboard.  I give God the glory for His goodness!

yamaha-motif-1.jpg             yahama-motif-2.jpg


11 thoughts on “Unexpected Blessings

  1. First, I want to say Praise be to God for Brother James. What a miracle working God we serve. I got Holy Ghost goose bumps up and down my spine as I read of him entering into the House of God. Second, thank God for providing you with the exact keyboard that your daughter had been wanting for praise and worship service and the funds to purchase it.

    This report reminds me of a song I used to sing called “I Believe In Miracles” (Shhh don’t tell Sis Allard I use to sing specials before I came here and I have been here since 1995)YIKES!

    Isn’t God amazing? (Yes, He blows my mind constantly!) Again, my faith has been increased at this time in my life. Thanks for sharing.

    Uh, Jolene, Sister Allard does come here occasionally, so she may discover your secret. Could God be calling you back to singing specials?

  2. Ooopps 😦

    Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. 🙂

  3. Carol, What an awesome report about Bro. James! Praise God!
    And how precious the miracle of the keyboard. I know you guys are so excited about this. May God richly bless the Kerr’s for their un-selfish giving.

  4. Okay Jolene – how about we go evangelize? I will sing and you will preach ’cause I know I’d have to hog-tie you to get you to sing a solo. I have an idea though – I will tell Pastor Allard you can sing. LOL Hehehehehehehe.

    Carol, thanks for such a great praise report. That is my favorite kind of stories to hear.

  5. To God be the Glory! Thanks for sharing your testimonies, Sis. Carol, of God’s goodness. It encourages us all to hear of the blessings God is bestowing on His hard-working people. Love ya.

  6. It was so good to hear about Bro. Mason! I think I’d have been shocked and in tears! I’m almost in tears reading this! Neat to have had Bro. Price there. It’s been years since I heard him, and I’ve only heard him once or twice. Nifty how God supplied, through his people, that keyboard Jen had her eye on! Sounds like what started out as a “seemingly dreary day” wound up being incredibly sunny!

    Yes, there definitely was sunshine in the shadows.

  7. What an awesome testimony! Sometimes it seems God comes through with some miracle or special blessing just when we need it the most! He knows our frame and He cares about even the little things. So glad James and family came by. God is so good! Love, Keek

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