Like A Slap In The Face

Every once in a while, I hear a quote that is so powerful and rings with so much truth that it’s almost like getting a slap in the face.  The quote this week that had this effect on me was shared by my husband.

Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Malachy McCourt

All I can say is “selah”.  After that , let me know what you think.


14 thoughts on “Like A Slap In The Face

  1. Carol, I think you are right. This one is so powerful it almost feels like a slap in the face. I’ve read Frank McCourt’s books but none by Malachy. Do you know the name of the book?

    Hi Helen. No, I do not know the name of the book. My husband read me the quote from something he was reading, but I didn’t ask him who said it. Later, when I searched for it online, I found it attributed to Malachy McCourt. It is pretty powerful.

  2. That is a powerful statement. But, a statement that is very true. Because when you allow that resentment of the other party to grow that’s all you think about and its like drinking something that is poisonous.

    Hi April. Bitterness and resentment are dangerous things when we hold onto them. I have seen people walk away from their relationship with God because something happened that they grew bitter about, and they just could not get over it. I know offenses will come to every one of us, but may God help us to bring our hurts to Him, that we might be able to forgive and not drink the poison of bitterness.

  3. Carol, That is a slap in the face. The sad thing is the person who is so full of resentment and waiting for the other person to die, doesn’t even realize they are the one who has partaken of the poison and are slowly dying themselves.

    God please don’t ever let the root of bitterness take hold of my life.


  4. It’s so true! The first time I heard that, I was equally jarred. Between a friend and me, our favorite comment to each other in troubled times is, “Choose not to take the poison.”

    It halps.

  5. Carol, a few weeks ago, I did a little work on a manuscript for a book that Elaine Hogan has written on forgiveness. In her book she used that quotation, and I found it so powerful, I have noted it to use in my own writing somewhere. Thanks for sharing it here. Powerful.

  6. Helen and Carol, I believe the quote is from Malachy McCourt’s memoir titled _Monk Swimming_. When I first read the statement, I was recovering (not very well) from a divorce, and in my condition, I felt McCourt was speaking to me personally.

    Jayleigh, I like your idea that allowing resentment into one’s life is a choice. I’ll adopt your response, if you don’t mind.

  7. This is a sad but true statement. I’ve seen too much of this in my short life and how it destroys people. I read a book several years ago by Charles Stanley on forgiveness. He said that when you chose to forgive, you are setting someone free, and that someone is yourself. When one is embittered and resentful, they are in a prison of their own making. Only Jesus can help them unlock the prison doors.

  8. yeah….it’s a bitter truth!

    Hello there. It’s been such a long time since I posted this that I had to go back and look to refresh my memory. You’re right. It is a bitter truth, but also one that can make us better if we heed its warning. Thanks for stopping by.

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