Good Quote From A Great Book


Most successful Christians don’t have the best of everything —they just make the best of everything.  Ron Mullings

One of the fringe benefits of going to church conferences is being able to browse through and buy some of the many books that are available.  My husband came home from General Conference with several books, and I snatched this one up immediately.(since he was alreay reading something else) It’s called People Are Pitiful, and it’s by one of my favorite preachers, Rev. Ron Mullings.  Whether we are new converts or have been living for God for many years, we all have a “pitiful side” to us that we need God to help us to overcome.  This book deals with the subject in a very simple, humble and practical manner.  I’m halfway through the book and enjoying it very much.  I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Christian growth.

14 thoughts on “Good Quote From A Great Book

  1. It does sound like a good book. I’m glad you found it, and I will look for it as well. I read The Marketing of Evil when you recommended it,and I never would have known about it otherwise.

    Hi Becky. I know the book sells for $12 through the Pentecostal Publishing House. Here is a link to it.
    I’m glad you read Marketing of Evil. You’ll have to let me know what you thought of it.

  2. Well Sis, I guess there’s another book I may be borrowing from you after I finish “The Marketing of Evil”. You are my favorite librarian!

    Sure sis! 🙂

  3. Hey Carol,

    How true, how very true!! We all do have a “pitiful side!” I definitely do not want to encourage this side of me! I will check out the website you mentioned.

    Thanks for the book tip, and thanks for your recent visit to my site. By the way, keep singing!!

    In Him,

  4. I have found so many interesting things in Bro. Mullings book. Do you know how that book came about? He had no idea he was writing a book. His son took all of the articles his dad had written for the Gospel Tidings and had them put into a book. Bro. Mullings frequently uses the statement, “People are pitiful,” thus the title. They presented the book to him just before district conference. He was pleasantly surprised to know he had a book. The Mullings are wonderful people and I feel honored to count them as my friends.

    Hi Jana. I had no idea that that was how the book came into being. I agree that the Mullings are wonderful people, and I thank God for the influence they have had on my life. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It sounds like a great book I may have to pick it for myself. Besides Bro.Mullings is one of favorite preachers.

    Hi Angela. I hope you do pick it up. I know you would enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. You know this is great! I’ve heard many times on how Christians should not have a pitty party and how aweful it is. The fact of the matter is everyone does have a side of pity and finally there is something to show us *how* to deal with it.

  7. Hi Carol, I’ve never heard of Ron Mullings (and his book doesn’t google well) but I like the quote.

    Hi Helen. Ron Mullings has been a minister for many years and was the superintendent of our Western District for 8 years. I love to hear him preach and teach. He has loads of wisdom, and he is one of the most humble men I have ever met. His book is fairly new, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t google well.

  8. Good Morning Carol, I have known Bro Mullings for years. He is an outstanding man of God. This sounds like one book I MUST get my hands on and find a quiet place and read from cover to cover. I know that there are times that I need help with my “pitiful side”. I will be looking into this ASAP.

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Carol:

    If you lend Karen the book, it might wind up being here longer than planned. MOM WANTS TO READ IT TOO, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I “snatched” it also. Mom saw the book at Family Camp and didn’t buy it, but now she says she could kick herself. HAW!

    I’ll be happy to loan it to y’all after Pete reads it.

  10. I love this book by Bro. Mullings. We just keep it handy so when we sit down in the living room it’s easy to pick up and read another little quote and/or story.

    Hi Ronda. That’s a good idea. It is the type of book that you can glean good things from over and over again.

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