The Next Step


Jennifer had completed her written driver’s education course near the end of August.  We then had to send it in to be graded.  We hadn’t heard anything from PEN school, and Jen was thinking maybe her paper work got lost in the mail.  I gave them a call today and found out that they had received her work, and I was delighted(as was Jen) to find out that she had passed the course with a score of 92%! 

Once she receives her certificate of completion, we can proceed to the next step, which is behind the wheel with a certified driving instructor. (and of course, lots of practice with mom and dad before she can get her license) Am I ready for this?  Well, I know one thing for sure.  It’s definitely going to increase my prayer life.  🙂


11 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. I am laughing but not at you, at myself. Oh how this post has brought back precious memories. I have gone through this three times. Yes, it will increase your prayer life. It did mine. My oldest used to tell me “Mother, would you please relax?” SHE was behind the wheel and I was in the passenger’s seat, how was I to relax? You are in for a wonderful experience. 🙂 I will keep you in my prayers.

    Thank you for your prayers, Jolene. I’m not really too terribly concerned about my daughter. She is pretty conscientious and not a big risk taker. Now when my son gets to that age, well…………………that’s when the prayer AND fasting comes in. 🙂

  2. I remember teaching Jeremy to drive. IT wasn’t too bad, but it did increase my prayer life…especially after he got his license and would go places at night that were far away. We still have a habit, custom in our family that when any of us have to go somewhere that’s an hour or more away, we usually call when we get there to let the family know we’re safe. That includes us parents too! It seems to work pretty well. I wonder what I will do when Jeremy leaves the nest? Then he won’t be obligated to call us everytime he goes somewhere. I think my prayer life will go up to the next level! lol I’ll be praying for you and Jen too! Love, Sis

  3. Carol, I had not heard of PEN until I read this post. I found their website and it looks good for my son. Did Jen do everything online or did she get the book? Thanks.

  4. Carol, I’ve thought and thought about what to say in response to this post. I know every parent worries at this time. What I decided to do is refrain from posting to Jen’s blog, “You go girl!” because I know that’s you’re worried about. 🙂

    Honestly , the part that concerns me most is Jen taking her behind the wheel lessons from a complete stranger. I know the people employed at the driving school have all gone through training and have had criminal background checks, but it is still a little unnerving for me. It is required in our state to have 6 hours of behind the wheel time with a professional. This is just one of those instances where I need to pray and trust God.

  5. Carol, She’ll be fine. Most of us faced this when we put our five year olds on a bus to go to kindergarten. God can be trusted, even with our children.

    Yes, you’re right, Helen. I always pray for God’s protection on my children, and I know He’ll be watching over Jen. Thanks for this reminder.

  6. Ahh thanks a lot Mom…you know I read your blog, right? 😀

    Of course, I know. You did so well on the written course, and I’m sure you’ll do great behind the wheel. I’m just giving you a hard time. LOL

  7. Mom & I are thrilled that Jen passed her test and did as well as she did. Knowing Jen, if she’s anything like her mama, I think she’ll be a very good driver. Also, take Keek’s advice about the phone calling. We’ll also be praying! HAW!

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