School Daze

The new school year is just around the corner for our family.  I’ve been busy trying to tie all the loose ends together, so there hasn’t been much time for blogging.  This year, I’m using some curriculum I’ve never used before, so I’m trying to familiarize myself with it before actually using it.  I’ve never been a big fan of textbooks, but I decided to go with one to teach science.(one of my weak areas) I started reading this science book from Apologia, and I’m finding it very interesting.  In the first chapter, he is discussing the history of science.  He talks about Aristotle, who was a very respected and revered man in his day.  Aristotle had a belief called “spontaneous generation.”  To put it simply, he believed that it was possible that a living organism could be formed from a non-living organism.  We know today that this is not true.  However, this belief was held onto for over 2,000 years, because it was considered correct, not because of scientific evidence but because of Aristotle’s reputation for being a great scientist. 

As I thought about this, I could see a parallel when it comes to doctrinal teachings of the Bible.  I have seen people hang onto teachings that were unscriptural because it was taught by someone they greatly respected.  We all need people that we can look up to, but when it comes to doctrinal teaching, we must examine it with the Word of God and see if it lines up, no matter who is doing the teaching.  I pray that God will always help me to remember this. 

Thank you Lord, for speaking to me through a science book.  🙂

8 thoughts on “School Daze

  1. Isn’t it amazing how we find spiritual knowledge in the most unexpected places. God truly made everything that has been made. And all truth is ultimately God’s truth.

    Amen, Helen.

  2. I love what you shared. That is something my pastor is always saying, “Study the Bible for yourself and don’t take my word for it.” Because, sure, he is a great man, but he is still human and makes mistakes.

    Also, I used Apologia for chemistry and absolutely loved it. Science is not my strong point, but I love the way the Apologia books are written. He explains everything so thoroughly, and it is just as if he happened to be sitting right there talking face to face with you. 🙂 I wish I had had the opportunity to use those books for more than just chemistry. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I did!! 🙂

    Hi Tara. Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting my blog. I think we are really going to enjoy science this year.

  3. Our Pastor, too, is always saying, “Don’t just take my word for it. Go home and look it up for yourself.” I do trust him, but I like to see it in the word for myself and sometimes God will reveal even more to me, personally. It’s God cool?! 😀

    Keep us posted as to how you and your kids like the Apologia books for science. I have a note to myself to check it out, but I’ll see what you think first. 🙂 B.T.W., you are doing great that you are working on getting school going! I haven’t even started! Whew! So much going on in our lives, but…all of life is “school” anyway, right? God bless your day! Love ya!

    Hi Tena. The past couple of years I have felt like I’ve really done a crummy job homeschooling, so I am really trying to be more organized and liven it up this year. I’ve got new science, history and foreign language curriculum that I’m trying out. It’s going to be quite the adventure. Yes, you are right too, about all of life being school. Some of our best learning moments are when we’re not officially “doing school.”

  4. Is Paul planning to do the scientific “balancing act” with the straw, toothpick, spoon & fork? I’m not sure if we got it “down” after Jer showed it to us.

    Paul has got the balancing act that Jer showed him mastered. He may end up doing something with it later in the year at the homeschool science fair.

  5. This made me think of a story I heard about a woman who always cut the ends off a roast before cooking it. Her husband asked her why she did this and her response was, “My mother always did it this way.” Come to find out later, the mother cut the ends off because she didn’t have a big enough pan to put the roast in. People need to have an understanding and revelation of their beliefs.

  6. There is nothing new under the sun… Aristotle believed essentially what “modern” evolutionary theory teaches. The men (and women) teaching it have more degrees than a thermometer… respected and considered the “educational elite.”

    I have a masters degree in science. I have taught nursing… including a bit of chemistry, a great deal of physiology and pathophysiology and I would never attempt to teach science without a curriculum. Thinking up the lessons, creating experiments for my hands-on learner, gathering supplies… would be time consuming and expensive.

    We just started school Wednesday. I am already tired!

    I know what you mean, Julie. I am tired too. I’m glad I went with Apologia, because for the first time, my daughter is excited about doing science.

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