Off To Junior Camp!

Tomorrow evening, we’ll be leaving for Junior Camp, so this will be my last post for a while.  Junior Camp is for kids age 8-15.  This will be the last Jr. Camp that my daughter can attend, so I’m praying it will be a dynamic, Spirit filled memorable experience.  While Junior Camp can be pretty exhausting, it’s also exciting too to see the way the kids respond to the preaching and moving of God’s Spirit in the evening service.  I’m extra excited too, because a boy who has been visiting our church for the past few weeks is able to come also.  This is an answer to prayer!  If you have a moment, please pray that Erik would have a great time at camp and be filled with the Holy Ghost.  God bless you all.


4 thoughts on “Off To Junior Camp!

  1. Sissy, Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed time at youth camp. Hope your nursing skills will carry you through any injuries or illness the kids get. Hopefully there won’t be any. I will be praying for Erik.


  2. Carol, where is your Jr. Camp located? Hope it’s all you hope it will be. Looking forward to a great report!

    Our Jr. Camp is at Camp Sylvester in Pinecrest, Ca. It was an awesome Jr. Camp!

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