Pilot Paul

pauls-copter-1.jpg           pauls-copter-2.jpg   pauls-copter-3.jpg


This past week, we celebrated Paul’s 12th birthday.  He jokingly tells me that this will be my last year of sanity.(next year he’ll be 13!) We had somewhat of a low key celebration with family and a few neighborhood kids coming by for cake and icecream.  The crowning gift this year was a remote control helicopter.  It’s that little blurp in yellow you can see in the pictures.  Paul has been very interested in flight for a couple of years now.  He’s done a lot of studying on his own, and definitely knows more about flight than I do.  His dream is to be a pilot when he gets older.  For now, he’s getting lots of practice flying the friendly skies of our living room and beyond. 


5 thoughts on “Pilot Paul

  1. Mom wants to know if that is a new or fixed helicopter. Glad Paul got that! It was a fun celebration. You didn’t mention a thing about the trick candles. HAW! (Has Jen put any pictures in her picture mannequin?

    It’s Paul’s new helicopter that he got for his birthday. He did replace one of the blades that got chipped. Yes, Jen has put a couple of pictures in her picture mannequin.

  2. What a fun gift for a 12-year-old, or a 25-year old. Jeremy got him a R/C helicopter earlier this year. He was flying his around in our garage which has a lot less air space.

    Happy b-day to my dear nephew Paul. Sis, hope this is a really sane year for you!

    Thanks, sis. 🙂

  3. Oh did that ever remind me of my sons when they were around that same age. They rode their bicycles indoors… seeing who could ride them up the stairs and then ride them down and not fall 😀 Of course, I did not learn of this until several years later. Although, I was suspicious and wondered about certain skid marks on the wood floors?????

    They’re all grown up now… I wouldn’t mind seeing some of those skid marks again.

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