My Conscience Wouldn’t Let Me

Every so often, without them realizing it, my children will tell me something that just absolutely thrills me.  Yesterday, it was my son that brought me one of those “mother moments.”  A few days ago, some children that live nearby erected some sort of ramp that they could use to do jumps on their bikes.  In his excitement over this, Paul began to tell my husband about what fun he had jumping that day.  My husband wasn’t trying to squelch his fun, but he told Paul he wasn’t allowed to jump off the ramp anymore.  About 6 months ago, we had a neighbor across the street who broke his collarbone and arm and scraped the side of his face while jumping off a ramp.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.  Paul wasn’t happy about his dad’s decision, and the next day when dad wasn’t around, he was complaining about it.  I reminded him that he won’t always like the decisions we make, but it’s wise for him to obey, because we love him, we try to do what’s best for him and the Bible teaches us to obey our parents.  Later that day, after he had been out playing for a while, he came in to get something to drink.  Then came that magical moment. 

He told me that a bunch of kids were jumping off the ramp, and he wanted to jump really bad, but his conscience wouldn’t let him. I praised him for making the right decision.  I think he understands that even though he probably could get away with it when nobody was watching, God would still know.  Not only that, but he would have to carry the knowledge with him that he had disobeyed his dad.  I’m thankful he chose to follow his conscience rather than give in to the temporary thrill of jumping a ramp, only to find himself bearing the guilt of disobedience.  A couple of years ago, there was an instance where Paul did do something that he was instructed not to do.  He ended up coming to me in tears and confessing.  I urged him to tell his dad, because it was the right thing to do.  He followed my advice and made things right.  I think that instance made a big impression on him.

I know that as my son grows, there will come many more tests of his conscience and more choices between right and wrong.  It is my prayer that he’ll seek to have the mindset that the apostle Paul displayed in Acts 24:16.

And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward men.

9 thoughts on “My Conscience Wouldn’t Let Me

  1. Greeyings. This truly must have been awesome; to know that your son could probably have acted out in disobediance but listened to his conscience. as one who has dealt (and is still dealing with) a rebellious daughter who has resorted to an array of deceitful dealings in times past, I can say that this really has to be awesome. Our younger kids seem to be much less rebellious but much prayer is needed in a household that straddles both sides of the spiritual realm. Daily I’m reminded of the battles that transpire in the spiritual realm and pray that all would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In a strange way, this also keeps me in check as I strive to not do anything that would cause scattering. Thanks for the post.
    Have a blessed day in Jesus.

    Hi Timbob,

    Raising kids is definitely a challenge, and if I said that my kids always did what was right, I’d be a liar. Unfortunately, there isn’t an instruction manual for every situation we encounter with our kids, but there is a God that we can turn to for wisdom and direction. I pray that He will give wisdom to both you and I as we seek to help our children to know Him. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. It’s wonderful that he obeyed but even more that you can see Jesus in him. 🙂
    Good verse to remember too!

    We both have our moments where you can’t see Jesus in either one of us. I’m not proud of it, and I desire for less of that to be true. Thank God He is still working on us!

  3. Good for you son!
    Ages and ages ago, I lived on a cul-de-sac in Michigan and the kids had built one of those ramps in the middle of the road. Everyone was doing it… so I did too, with one hand… my other arm was in a cast. A brand new cast that the doctor had just put on the previous day. Oh, I hadn’t broken my arm that day, I fell out of a tree and broke my old cast. My arm? Broke that weeks ago when I was climbing in a pile of cement that I liked to call a “rock quarry.
    My mom… pale, angry, screaming and perhaps wondering about my sanity came charging out of the house. She took my bike and let the air out of the tires. :o(

    You sound like you were quite the adventurous kid. I can just picture a flustered mama letting the air out of bike tires too.

  4. ah, the conscience…what a wonderful and blessed thing. it can be a burden at times, too. as a teenager, I did some things I shouldn’t have, but nothing serious. I refrained from following some of my friends’ footsteps, not out of fear of getting caught, as much as the fear of disappointing my mama. I was always so worried about losing her trust and respect, that I even told her about some of my escapades; out of guilt, I suppose. I was never very good at keeping secrets from her.
    you have every reason to be proud of paul, y’all have done a good job raising him.

    Thank you, Holly. The raising part isn’t over yet, and I still pray all the time for wisdom in raising these kiddos. I’m trusting God that He’ll be the strength in my weakness.

  5. Very good post! I have an 11 year old daugter who will be going out to CA (all the way across the US) to see her family. They are not Christian (except a few) and I am praying that she will make the right choices. She has been easily persuaded in the past, but since then we have had some heart to heart talks about it, and she really wants to please me (and the Lord) so I’m trusting she will.


  6. When I was a child my dad always told me that if he ever found out I did drugs I wouldn’t have to worry about the drugs killing me- because he would. Now I didn’t believe he would kill me, but I believed he would beat me really bad. I also believed that even if I did it a thousand miles away he would know about it. As a result I NEVER did any kind of drugs while growing up despite having friends who smoked and sold pot.

    Strangest part of it was that my drug using friends respected me for it and never tried to pressure me into joining them.

  7. I love hearing stories about children’s tender spirits and obedient hearts. So many people grow numb to listening to their conscience. It’s clear your son both trusts you and knows how much you love him!

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog by the way. 🙂

  8. Good post Sissy. I’m blogging this comment from Mammoth, CA at about 7,000+ foot elevation. Glad that Paul is learning to obey that still small voice instead of giving in to any temptation. Love, Keek

  9. Knowing Paul’s parents as I do, I’m persuaded that Paul will make more right decisions in the future than “not-so-right” ones. When I see so many children out in the world, your “young ones” are exemplary. No one is perfect, but you can serve Him with a perfect heart and stay continually repentant before Him. I believe your offspring will do just that. Love, Stome

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