A Full Weekend

This has been a very full but good weekend for me.  Yesterday, my daughter and another friend Eva from our church and her daughter went to a Mother/Daughter banquet at a sister church.  I had been asked to speak at this banquet a few weeks ago.  I’m not really a great public speaker, but I did pray about this and felt like the Lord gave me something to share with the ladies.  I don’t speak at functions very often, but whenever I do, my mind always wanders back to the first time I ever had to give a speech.  I can’t remember exactly what grade I was in, but our teacher assigned everyone in class to do an oral book report.  At that time, I was reading a lot of Bobbsey Twins mysteries, so I decided to do my book report on one of these mysteries.  As I stood in front of the class, I opened my mouth to speak, and nothing came out.  It was as if I had been suddenly struck dumb, and it seemed like I stood there speechless for eternity.  My merciful teacher saw my plight and told me in her kind voice that it was okay and that I could try again tomorrow.  I sat down feeling very relieved, and somehow(miraculously) I was able to speak the next day and deliver my book report.  Anyhow, things went well at the banquet, and as usual, the Lord came to my rescue and helped me. 

Later that evening, we were invited to a birthday party for Eva’s daughter Bell.  Eva really went all out for this and made her killer potato salad, corn on the cob,  a giant bowl of fresh fruit and glop(a combination of pistachio pudding, nuts, marshmallows & other ingredients which slip my mind right now-it’s yummy!).  Her husband barbecued chicken on the grill.  This was all very good, but the crowning jewel of the evening was the cake that Eva made.  I’m hoping that Eva will post a picture of it on her blog, because it is hard for me to describe.  The cake was shaped like a castle, and it was very impressive.  Not only did it look good, but it tasted wonderful too.  The homemade buttercream frosting was not sicky sweet like the kind you would get at the grocery store.  It was just right.  We had a nice time and left there absolutely stuffed.  I must confess that I really pigged out there.  I hardly ate anything at the banquet earlier, because I was nervous about speaking, so I made up for not eating much there!

We always try to do something special at church on Mother’s Day to honor our mothers.  Eva not only makes beautiful cakes, but she is also good at putting together gift baskets, so she made some up to give to the mothers.  We also gave some carnations out too, because I don’t know of any lady who does not like to receive flowers.  I was presented with a sweet Mother’s Day card, a beautiful Azalea plant and a special Mother’s Journal in which I can record stories from my life to pass on to my children.  I don’t feel like I deserve to get a special gift every year for Mother’s Day, but I do appreciate the thoughtfulness and love that is expressed through it.

After church we came home and my husband fixed me a scrumptuous, sumptuous meal.  You better get a bib on because you might start to drool.  🙂   We had grilled steak, pan seared sea scallops, stuffed baked potatoes, my husband’s special seasoned grilled vegetables and French bread.  In a little while from now, we’ll be having strawberry shortcake for dessert.  The kids helped too with setting the table and kitchen clean up afterwards.  My son has promised me a foot massage before bed tonight, and he is going to read me a selection or two from The Best Loved Poems of the American People. (his idea, because he knows I like this book)

All in all it has been a wonderful weekend, and I feel like a very blessed woman indeed! 


5 thoughts on “A Full Weekend

  1. Hi Carol, It sounds like you had a yummy weekend. My sons each gave me a hanging basket. Tomorrow we’ll go for hooks to hang them from the deck.

    Indeed I did, Helen. My gut runneth over. 🙂 Your hanging baskets sound nice.

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