Happy Blogiversary To Me!


One year ago on this day, I began my blog, and it has been quite an adventure!  I have enjoyed the challenge of coming up with things to write about and also the privilege of meeting some truly wonderful people through blogging.  My desire is that God will use this blog for His glory.  Thank you to all my blogging friends who have been there to spur me on with your encouragement and support.  I love and appreciate each one of you and look forward to our continued correspondence.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary To Me!

  1. Happy Blogiversary,
    this is my first time in your blog and I think I’ll like it, hope not to become addicted… 🙂 kust kidding.
    Pace e Bene
    br.Freddie OFM

    Hi Freddie,

    Thank you for your kind comments and for visiting my blog!

  2. Hi Carol, Happy Blogiversary!! I always enjoy coming here. Thanks for being a part of my life. Love, Helen

    Thank you, Helen. I enjoy visiting your blog too!

  3. Happy Bloggiversary and thank you so much for your encouragement the other day! You have been a blessing to many!!

    Thank you for your kind words, Ellen. It’s good to have you blogging again.

  4. Happy Blogiversary, My Dear Sissy! If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be a blogger. You got me hooked a few days after you started! I’ve enjoyed the journey. Love ya bunches,

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