What A Green State!

We arrived home from Oregon on Monday night, but I have been so busy playing catch up with laundry, cooking, housework, etc. that I have not had time to post or visit other blogs.  Anyhow, we had a great time in Oregon, and I enjoyed the intense greeness and fresh feeling of that fine state.  When we arrived on Wednesday, our friends took us to visit Multnomah Falls.  At 620 feet, this is the second highest year round water fall in the United States.  It was very beautiful, and the hike up to the top was supposedly a mile.  Alas, it was all uphill, and I was huffin and a puffin and not able to finish the whole hike.  Being somewhat of a coat resistant Californian, I did not bring a jacket with me, and it was cold, especially when you were hit by the spray of the waterfall.  My husband, kids and our friends’ kids made it all the way to the top and enjoyed a great view.  Below are some photos I took with my cell phone.  I’ll try to post more in the next few days about other things we enjoyed on our trip.

multnomah-falls-1.jpg         multnomah-falls-2.jpg           



6 thoughts on “What A Green State!

  1. The scenery is gorgeous! Glad you had a good time. 🙂 How did the quizzers do?

    Hi Becky. Our quizzers didn’t get any trophies, but my daughter did get a ribbon for 2nd highest score on one of the quizzes they did. Normally, they don’t give out ribbons like that, but at the Extravaganzas, which is a regional competition, they give out ribbons for 1st and 2nd highest scorers in each quiz.

  2. Welcome home. Any trophies? (I couldn’t get your pics to show.)

    Hi Jana. No trophies, but it was well worth it. The preaching of Kevin Bradford and the devotional that Wayne Francis did while we were there were both tremendous, and I know our kids were challenged and changed through it.

  3. Beautiful! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Next time take a jacket. Are you what they call a “weather snob”? LOL

    Yes, Ronda. Sometimes I am a weather snob. 😆

  4. Glad you all got to have some recreational time on this trip. Oregon sure is a beautiful state, and the falls look spectacular! Congratulations to Jenga!

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