Oregon Trail

Wednesday morning we are heading out to Portland, Oregon for another Bible quiz tournament and to visit some friends in the area.  This will be my first time to be in Oregon, so I hope to have some interesting things to share upon returning.  Take care, all my blogger friends.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Oregon Trail

  1. Sis:

    I haven’t been to Oregon in almost 27 years, but I do remember it was a beautiful state. We visited Crater Lake, which was ethereal and mysterious, albeit quite beautiful. I’m glad you got to see Multnomah Falls. The pictures I’ve seen are gorgeous. Hope you take lots of them. Look forward to hearing about your trip when you get back.


  2. Sorry for the repeat. It showed no comment on the front page and I just thought I hadn’t sent the message – until I sent it the second time, it didn’t show up. OOPS!

  3. You are coming to our neck of the woods! I hope you like it here and have a blessed time, it really is lovely in Oregon.


    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Oregon is indeed a beautiful state. I am enjoying all the greenery. I’m still here in Oregon, but I hope to post more about it when I return home.

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