Little Can Be Much When God Is In It


When Less Was More 

We were broke, and I was trying to make the best of it.  I prayed and asked God for help.  The thought came to my mind that it would be nice to have some bread in the house.  I had never made sandwich bread from scratch before and decided to look through some cookbooks.  I came across a recipe that required few ingredients, and upon searching our cupboards, I was happy to find I had everything I needed.  It took about 3 hours from start to finish to  make the bread.  The results were wonderful!  My family enjoyed the homemade French bread much more than any bread I had bought from the store.  Since that time, I have made my French bread during times of prosperity and poverty.  I have received many compliments on it when serving it to company.  Sometimes I think back to the first time I made that bread, and I am reminded once again that when we pray, God can take and use what little we have and make it a blessing.

6 thoughts on “Little Can Be Much When God Is In It

  1. Good thought Sis! It makes me think of that scripture which says, “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump”. I think modern day vernacular would translate that as: “A little yeast causes the flour to rise”??? Anyhow, I have been blessed to be the recipient of your awesome French bread many times. I remember you making it when we were up at Lake Tahoe over the Christmas holidays. I think it may have taken a little longer to bake because of the altitude. Nevertheless, it was delicious!

    Thanks sis.

  2. I tried to post a comment earlier but I guess it didn’t take.

    I will gladly be a recipient of your homemade French bread! Sounds delicious!

    One of these days I would like to make some for you!

  3. Yummmy~ I baked little bread bunnies with Gracie & her little friends for Easter. We love the smell of fresh baked (though semi-homemade) bread in our home. :o)

  4. Your post made me think of the goodness of God and how He supplies all our needs. Several years ago I began our homeschool morning without really having everything prepared for our science lesson. We really didn’t have the money to simulate what we needed. That moring I steped out on the front porch and looked up to discover a beautiful butterfly cacoon, glittering in its green eligance. I was so excited! I showed the kids! I pulled out our lesson for the day and guess what the lesson was on??? The monarch butterfly’s cacoon!! I didn’t know that. The kids and I went through the lesson and went out to look at the cacoon and the monarch was breaking out! God is good!! It was such a testimony to neighbors as well as our family, you see, monarchs do not construct their cacoons in our area.
    God is good! He supplies all our needs, even when we aren’t aware of the need. He also used this time to reasure me that we were doing the right thing by homeschooling. Bless God!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing this beautiful testimony. God is good.

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