A 25 Year Old Question

It was on this day, exactly 25 years ago, at Apostolic Bible Institute, in front of the ladies’ restroom, that my husband asked that important question.  “Will you marry me?”   Of course, you know that I said yes, and I’ve never been sorry for the question or the answer.  I thank the Lord for blessing me with a wonderful, godly man!  He has been a great husband, faithful provider and an excellent father.  God has truly blessed our life more than I ever imagined possible, and I just wanted to acknowledge Him today and thank Him for bringing this marvelous man into my life.  Thank you, Jesus!


12 thoughts on “A 25 Year Old Question

  1. Congratulations. 25 years is inspiring. Last Thursday I proposed to my girlfriend. She said yes. I just posted about it. God bless you and your husband on your anniversary.

    Congratulations to you too! May you and your bride to be be blessed.

  2. Congratulations. I’m sure you love each other more deeply than you could ever have imagined.

    Yes indeed. More than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Question… I thought it was you that had in your archives from a year or so ago… an article written by a man in the 1700’s or 1800’s, and was about that some are allowed to do “this” but others are not. Was it your blog? I wanted to share it with my sister and forgot where I found it.

    Yes, Jayleigh. It was me that posted it. It’s called Others May You Cannot. Here is the link to it. https://writeathome.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/others-may-you-cannot/

  4. congratulations on the engagement anniversary. isn’t it funny how we can remember even the little details of a day so long ago? y’all are truly blessed. here’s to another 25!

    Thanks, Holly. Some things are memorable just because they are a little odd. (like someone asking you to marry him in front of a ladies’ restroom………but better there than never to be asked at all!) 😆

  5. Wow. Praise God!
    It’s awesome to hear a wife speak such kind words of her husband every after a 25 yr. anniversary, kind of Pro.31 woman except the other way around…lol 🙂

  6. Aw…Sissy, that was sweet. I never knew Pete proposed to you in front of the ladies’ restroom! Such romantic forethought! Lol! But it doesn’t matter how romantic or not the proposal is or even the wedding for that matter. What matters is the commitment and quality of life lived together after the I Do’s are said. You two are a match made in Heaven! Love ya’s.

  7. What an accomplishment! Congratulations! It doesn’t seem like there are many people around anymore who have been married that long! My husband and I are approaching our 16th anniversary and even that seems long compared to so many. 🙂

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