The Acorn


Shortly after I had been baptized in Jesus’ name and received the Holy Ghost in 1979, someone recommended a workbook that they thought would be helpful to me as a new convert.  The name of that book is From An Acorn To An Oak.  This book taught me a lot about basic Christian living and contained a quote that I have never forgotten.  This is the quote.

The mighty oak tree was once a little acorn that held its’ ground.

That quote meant a lot to me as a new convert, because when I first started living for God, I was really fighting a lot of mental battles that felt overwhelming at times.  It took me a while to understand that the devil was trying to infiltrate my mind with his “stinking thinking.”  God was good though, and I learned that through Him and His Word, I had the power to “cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.”  A short time after I read From An Acorn To An Oak, somebody ended up giving me an acorn(I think it was my mom that gave it to me.), and I decided I would keep that acorn to help me to remember to keep holding onto God. 

After 25 years, I still have that acorn.   It sits on my night stand as a visual reminder that I held onto God, I’m holding onto God presently, and I must continue to hold onto God.  I’m thankful that when we committ ourselves to God, He will be our keeper.

2Ti 1:12 ” …..: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. “


7 thoughts on “The Acorn

  1. Keeping our hearts with all diligence is a must and this is a great illustration of the ongoing battle that we all face daily. Casting down those imaginations that creep up when we least expect it. Thanks for the post.
    Be blessed always in Christ.


  2. There are times and trials where we must firmly cling to what we KNOW is true and pray that our feelings will come in line with our our faith…I don’t always feel I’m being held, but know in my knower…my faith & knowledge of God’s word; I KNOW that He holds me & will preserve me. He is, indeed, our keeper~

  3. How powerful. After years passed, these words are still encouraging to you.

    And other seeds fell into good soil and produced grain, growing up and increasing and yielding thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold. -Mark 4:8

  4. Very strong post, Carol. I love the fact that you still have the acorn in plain view. And I love the hymn that has that verse as its chorus.

    Although I haven’t heard that hymn in years, I love it too!

  5. Carol: Good post. I remember From An Acorn To An Oak! Keep on holdin’ on! This might not seem like it quite correlates, but here’s a verse for you to look up: Isaiah 56:1

    Thanks for the Scripture, and I see how it relates. I like the way the verse is put in the Amplified version.
    Isa 56:1

    (AMP) THUS SAYS the Lord: Keep justice, do and use righteousness (conformity to the will of God which brings salvation), for My salvation is soon to come and My righteousness (My rightness and justice) to be revealed. [Isa. 62:1, 11; Matt. 3:2; Luke 21:31; Rom. 13:11, 12.]

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