Help Us Pray For A Miracle

On Saturday, February 3, as we were at a Bible quizzing tournament for our children, my husband received a call that a man from our church had had a heart attack.  For some reason, the paramedics were not very quick to respond, and James was not breathing for 10 minutes before they arrived.  He is in the hospital and on a respirator.  When he first arrived, the doctors were not optimisitic or hopeful at all.  Some were even putting pressure on his wife to pull the plug.  However, a lot of people have been praying, and James is making steady progress!  He’s been able to open and blink his eyes, move his head and squeeze with his right hand.  We are not sure yet if he is able to speak because of the tubes in his mouth.  Each day he is making a little more progress.  Myself and many others are praying for his complete healing.  I want to see James walk out of that hospital room!  If you believe that Jesus answers prayer , please join in with us in praying for James and his family.  I will keep you posted on his progress.


11 thoughts on “Help Us Pray For A Miracle

  1. Still praying and still expecting a miracle. He is now able to lift his arms a little. Praise God!!

    Soon He will be running around the church!

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