Quiz Biz

On Friday night, our Bible quizzing teams will be going to their first competition of the season in Sacramento.  The theme for this year is Bible heroes, so they are memorizing verses concerning Noah, Moses, Ruth and many others.  I know they have worked hard and are  excited and a little nervous too.  I am amazed at how many verses these kids have been able to memorize.  The junior teams will be quizzing on 78 verses, and I don’t remember exactly how many the advanced know.  I know it is over 100.  The following poem I dedicate to our quizzers.  Regardless of whether or not they come home with a trophy, they are all winners, because they have hidden the Word of God in their hearts! 

A Bible Quizzer’s Palindrome


Efforts rewarded

hours of study

memorized verses with

rehearsed references

constant repetition and review

quote and quote again

dedicated coaches with

committed quizzers

honorable competition with

through and through


through and through

with competition honorable

quizzers, committed

with coaches dedicated

again, quote and quote

review and repetition constant

references rehearsed

with verses memorized

study of hours

rewarded efforts.



5 thoughts on “Quiz Biz

  1. Sissy, That’s a beautiful palindrome. Did you write it? I shouldn’t be surprised now should I?

    Love ya,

    Hi sis. Yes, I wrote it. I’m thankful for the times God gives me inspiration.

  2. All that memorization is really impressive in this day and age. You’re right–hiding the Word in their hearts is the biggest achievement for these young people. I hope you all have a good trip and a good time of fellowship.


  3. I too am amazed at their ability to memorize so many scriptures. Not just memorize but to be able to quote, cross reference, know all the one time, two time words, etc. Absolutely astonishes me.

    The senior quizzers will be quizzing on 136 verses this tournament. Wow.

    For the year the juniors will have learned 272 verses and the seniors 512 verses.

    God bless these quizzers!! Thier faithfulness and dedication is amazing. A real example. No matter if they win or lose a quiz–they are all winners, having hidden God’s word in their heart.

    Thanks for sharing this poem. I was great–love you!

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