Palindrome of Praise

The type of poetry below is called a mirrored palindrome.  It reads the same both forward and backward.  I wanted to write something to capture times I have experienced when the Spirit of God moves and just takes over the church service. (How I love those times!)  It’s not easy to put into words, but if you’ve ever experienced it, you’ll know what I mean.  So here is my first attempt at a palindrome.


We’re In Your Presence 

Hands uplifted

spirits repentant 

 grateful hearts of praise

worship in holiness

  unspoken anticipation

quiet, suddenly now

love of God,awesome 

saturating Presence

tears falling

basking in joy

 We are complete.

joy in basking

falling tears

Presence saturating

awesome, God of love

now suddenly quiet

anticipation unspoken

holiness in worship

praise of hearts, grateful

repentant spirits

uplifted hands.

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