Reading Rampage

I am excited about a change I see taking place in my son.  Up until this point, he has never enjoyed reading for pleasure.  He read when he had to, either because I wouldn’t read something to him or because he really wanted to find out some information.  A homeschool friend of mine was enrolling kids in a program sponsored by Six Flags.  Basically, a child is to do six hours of recreational reading, and then they receive a free admission ticket to Six Flags.  I think this kind of helped to ignite the spark.  He finished reading a Hardy Boys book that is 180 pages long, and he enjoyed reading it!  Today, he completed another book, which he read in two days.  I know the Hardy Boys are considered “light reading”, but this is a great start.  Paul had stated before that he hates reading, but that is all starting to change, and I just want to thank God for it.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Reading Rampage

  1. The thing I like about these books is that they don’t have cussing in them. My husband picked up a book for Paul last week by an author we had read before, but I was looking through the first chapter and found three cuss words. We took it back and exchanged for Hardy Boys.

  2. Way to go, Pau Pau! I loved reading the Hardy boys when I was younger. I liked Nancy Drew too, but I don’t think Paul would like those. Too girlie for him! He might like the Cooper Kids adventure series by Frank Peretti too!

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