Reagan and FDR on Christmas

American Minute with Bill Federer

December 20

Ronald Reagan stated in his Christmas Address, DECEMBER 20, 1983:

“Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations we
forget that the true meaning of Christmas…the birth of the Prince
of Peace, Jesus Christ…During this glorious festival let us renew
our determination to follow His example.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt stated in his Christmas Message, 1942:

“To all Americans I say that loving our neighbor as we love
ourselves is not enough- that we as a Nation and as individuals will
please God best by showing regard for the laws of God.

There is no better way of fostering good will toward man than by
first fostering good will toward God. If we love Him we will keep His
Commandments. In sending Christmas greetings to the armed forces and
merchant sailors…we include our pride in their bravery on the
fighting fronts…

It is significant that Christmas Day our plants and factories will
be stilled. That is not true of the other holidays. On all other
holidays work goes on- gladly- for the winning of the war.

So Christmas becomes the only holiday in all the year. I like to
think that this is so because Christmas is a holy day. May all it
stands for live and grow throughout the years.”


One thought on “Reagan and FDR on Christmas

  1. Good past-presidential outlooks! But HEY, aren’t plants and factories closed on THANKSGIVING DAY too? Was it just on Christmas WAY BACK THEN that they were closed?

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