We Tasted and Saw That It Was All Good

The past 3 years we’ve had a Christmas potluck at our home for the church, but this was the first year that we were able to have a nice banquet at a restaurant.  I know God answered prayer, because everything went very well!  We had 43 in attendance, and some of these were friends and neighbors who had never been to our church before.  The banquet room was large with ample room for the hilarious skits that the young people did, and it overlooked a golf course.  The food was great,(choices were tri-tip, chicken Marsala or petrale of sole) and we had excellent service from the waiters and waitresses.  Our speaker was Rev. Ken Baglin who is the funniest preacher that I know.  He kept everyone laughing with his crazy costume, sleight of hand tricks, silly songs that he had written and many jokes.  Near the end of his routine, he cut a lemon in half and started eating it in front of everyone.  A lot of us in the audience couldn’t help but pucker up our faces as he did this.  Next, he took out a bag of candy, ate a couple of pieces and then went around to each table offering everyone candy.  He came back to the podium and asked how many of us were puckering up our faces as he ate the lemon.  Next he asked why it was that so many of us were willing to take a piece of candy.  The answer, of course, is that most of us have tasted candy before, and we know it is something that we like.  He brought out the Scripture in Psalms that says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Sometimes people make up their minds that they do not like particular foods, even though they have never tried them.  Folks can treat Christianity the same way too, but if we will give the Lord a try, we will find that He is good as His Word declares! It was a simple but powerful object lesson and a fine ending for a wonderful banquet. 


8 thoughts on “We Tasted and Saw That It Was All Good

  1. Ken Baglin can keep you in stitches without even trying. 😆

    Yes, Helen, we received a lot of kind comments about the wreaths, and we ended up giving them away along with all the glass globes and candles at the end of the banquet.

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