Music Maiden

organ-abby.jpg Here is a picture of my niece Abby when she was over at our house a couple of days ago.  She definitely has the desire to follow in the footsteps of her cousin Jen when it comes to music.  However, it will be a little while before her motor skills develop to really be able to play and even longer for her legs and  feet to grow enough to reach the pedals.  For the present, she can sure bang on those keys!


7 thoughts on “Music Maiden

  1. Awww! Isn’t Absamyadoodle the fetchingest?! She looks like a young Buffy Lou.

    PS: Please recheck your e-mail to see of that e-card came through yet.

  2. MY ABBY. Watch out, though, Jen. I’m planning to make a SINGER outta her. HAW! Mom & I have her for 2 days next week. I’m planning on puttin’ on the tunes and biddy-boppin’ with her.

  3. OOPS! My brother commented on my friends blog as “Jen’s Brother,” and I must not have logged in, and didn’t change it…Sorry. It was really me though.

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