Child Training By Children

Yesterday, we were blessed to have my younger sister, Annie, and her 15 month old daughter Abby come for a visit.  It’s always fun to see Abby, because she is at that stage where she is learning and doing a lot of new things.  My sister had shared with us in an e-mail how she hasn’t been able to get Abby to say please or thank you.  Every effort seemed to bring a flat out refusal on Abby’s part.  To try and keep Abby entertained, I brought out a hard plastic train set that my son used to play with when he was younger.  After I had put the tracks together and Abby had been playing with the train, Jen and Paul came into the living room with us.  Paul took the train engine and handed it to Jen.  He told Jen that he was going to ask her to give him the engine but not to give it to him until he said “please”.  After Paul had said please and had been given the engine, then Jen proceeded to do the same thing to him, and after saying the magic word, she was given the engine.  They went back and forth like this a few times, and then I joined in asking for the engine and being given the engine after I said please.  Finally, the moment of truth came.  “Abby, do you want the train?”  As she reached out her hands to take the train, the train was pulled back a little and one of us said, “Say please.”  That beautiful word plummeted from her lips.  “Peas!”  We all clapped our hands, and Abby was given the train.  We continued this little game for a while, rewarding Abby with a hand clap and the train every time she said please.  She went around saying “peas” for the rest of the day, and I was proud of my son for having initiated an impromptu child training session.  Maybe on our next get together, we’ll tackle “thank you.”


8 thoughts on “Child Training By Children

  1. And to think–mom & I will have Abby 2 days next week. Can’t wait. We’ll have to work on that THANK YOU then. A big thank you to PAUL for his help on PLEASE! Now, please pass the peas, please! HAW!

  2. Maybe we should have a contest to see who can get Abby to say “thank you” next? We’ll work on it when she’s over next week. I remember getting her to say the word more when she was at my house for the reunion. I love the way she said “Mo!” when she wanted more drink. We’re all wrapped around all her chubby baby fingers, I think!

  3. Yes, Abby has us all captivated. There’s something so infectious (probably a poor word choice)about being around little children. You just never know what they’re going to say or do. They are full of surprises.

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