The Ghost of Christmas Past


 Jen’s Christmas kitchen that she received from Mommy and Daddy Claus.


Paul taking a whack at a pinata at my husband’s company Christmas party for employee kids.

I know it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, but the ghost of Christmas past visited my house tonight and left me with these precious memories.


11 thoughts on “The Ghost of Christmas Past

  1. I love that ghost!

    Christmas is an attitude, not a day. It is a time to make memories, as we welcome the Christ Child, and to cherish the memories we have form Christmases Past. It is the Greatest Birthday of them all — a time for peace, love, and joy.

    The Ghost of Christmas Past fills us with awe and wonder, for we are all children in the eyes of the Almighty. Our hearts fall to their knees before His Majesty. May we keep Christmas in our hearts forever.

  2. You know there are days when I still see Jen in my Sunday School class all dressed up as Esther along with all the other little girls. It is hard to believe she in now a young lady.

    I remember us both being pregnant at the same time (almost shared the part of “Grandma” in an Easter musical). Paul has a picture of us both leaning against a wall and both of us have our arms resting on our bellies. That is one of his favorite pictures. It is hard to believe that little guy is not so little anymore.

    Memories are great and it is wonderful to be able to make new ones and share them with friends and family.

    “Merry Chirstmas” and God Bless!


    Sis Eva

  3. I remember that picture. You all used to have it on your refrigerator at Capistrano. The time sure has flown by, hasn’t it? I do cherish the memories, as I’m sure you cherish yours too. May we both make many more happy ones with our families.

  4. WoW! Little Miss Natabumpo has the very same Little Tykes Kitchen that JenJen had! I’ll have to take a pic of her cooking in the play kitchen to put next to your photo! She is taking tea with Grammatino these days.

    Those are the most adorable pics of my niece and nephew . . . back in the day!

    Love, Auntie K

  5. Thankyou for your visit. (Re. the tape cassette on my blog, the link is on the bottom of the cassette. Its such fun!)

    Best wishes.

  6. Aw…I feel old looking at Jen and Paul in their younger years! I have a ghost of Thanksgiving haunting me….it’s one of Jen as a 6-year-old puking all over my hallway floor from eating too many goodies! Remember that one? My favorite ghost, though, is THE HOLY GHOST! Of course!


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