BOGGLE.  Have you ever played this game before?  My brother Tom has been visiting us this week, and we’ve been playing this almost every night before we go to bed.  You get a set amount of time to write down words that you see through connecting the letters either up, down or diagonally.  When time is up, each person takes a turn at reading the words they have found.  Often, you end up with the same words(for which you don’t get any points), but it always amazes me how either myself or another player will come up with something that nobody else saw using the cubes.  I began to think about the word BOGGLE last night, so I looked it up in the dictionary.

–verb (used with object)

1. to overwhelm or bewilder, as with the magnitude, complexity, or abnormality of: The speed of light boggles the mind.

Boggle.  Yes, this is what God does to me so often.  How many times have I sat down to read the Bible or have been listening to preaching and suddenly I “see” something in God’s Word that I never before had seen? (even though I had read those same verses at other times) How many times have I been in the presence of God and have been so boggled by his holiness, unconditional love, unspeakable joy that I couldn’t help but to weep or let out a shout or dance before the Lord?  God is so big, and at times when my mind is opened up to view just a portion of His greatness, I am boggled.  My prayer is that Jesus, this great, big, wonderful God will boggle your mind today!

P.S. Just for fun, see how many words you can find in this Boggle cube.  The words have to have at least 3 letters.


14 thoughts on “Boggle

  1. Prun:

    I am amazed and boggled at the things you’ve put on your blog. I love it. Good story here about “Boggle.” Keep up the good work!

    Love Tom
    Your Boggled Brother

  2. Eva,

    Not bad, but there is no “b” in this particular Boggle cube, so your words with “b” in them would not be counted. The two biggest words I’ve seen so far are “thine” and “peter”.

  3. I love the game but am so much more into Sudoku now. Although I will still play Boggle every once in a while with the kids to help them with spelling.
    As far as Jesus goes…well when He reveals himself to me in a new way I call that a gold nugget so I know exactly what you are saying. BTW I was taught years ago that “seeing” in the Bible refers to spiritual understanding. You probably already knew that but it is so cool!!

  4. I loved your boggle article, Sissy! Yep. God boggles my mind on a regular basis. For instance, I am a nervous flyer, and when we were flying from Chicago back to California, Mike, Jeremy and I did not get to sit together. But God had it all worked out. I ended up sitting next to a retired commercial airlines pilot who used to counsel people with fear of flying. He was a big help, and I know God orchestrated that. It boggled my mind that he cared so much for me with my measly fear, that he changed our seating arrangements so I could sit by a former pilot. Wow! God cares so much! After 27 years living for Him, that still boggles my pea brain!

    I challenge you to a Boggle match on Thanksgiving!


  5. Carol, Boggle is my favorite growing-up game! We played it all the time (and I always won). I don’t have my own game, though, it is still with my parents. Love, Wardeh

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