Amazing Maze


This is an aerial shot of the corn maze we went through today on our field trip to Dell Osso Farms Pumpkin Patch.  The maze is an amazing 32 acres.  More on the maze to follow………..


5 thoughts on “Amazing Maze

  1. that looks so cool. About 7 years ago, we went through a corn maze; it was not an enjoyable experience. It was hot, Tony was small enough that he couldn’t walk very long, so he had to ride Rich’s shoulders, which made it hotter. (that part probably wasn’t thought out very well). We ended up bailing and getting ice cream instead. I would like to try it again, on a cooler day, now that Tony is older; I think we’d all enjoy it more…

  2. I wonder if that’s where the term, “A.MAZE.ING GRACE” comes from. God’s grace and love are so “” that I can get lost in it! but it’s a good lost!

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