God Is Watching Out

My brother has been visiting us for a few days, and last night, I was going to have him try some of this “dessert tea” that I had.  I took out the box of tea, and for some reason I started looking at the ingredients in the tea.  Then, I started to read the ingredients out loud.  My brother asked about one herb in particular that I had mentioned.  Earlier in the day, he had been reading online about a particular medication he is taking.  He had been reading about other medications and herbs that could have adverse affects when taken with his medication.  We went upstairs and looked at the site where he had been reading.  Sure enough, the herb that was mentioned as an ingredient in the tea was one of those that could produce adverse affects when taken with his medication.  I asked my brother a little later, “What would be the chances of me reading tea ingredients outloud(which I don’t normally do) and in the same day, you reading about that same ingredient and being warned not to take it with your medicine?”  To me, it was just another little evidence that God does watch out for us.  It’s amazing how sometimes just the “little things” can speak volumes to your heart.


6 thoughts on “God Is Watching Out

  1. OK . . . I must ask . . .was it the dessert tea that I brought at Christmas? The one that is so tasty with hazelnut coffee creamer? So Sorry! I had to look at the box and see just what my “favorite tea” might be made out of? HMMMMMMM . . . very interesting! So thankful that the good Lord is looking out for you giving a cup of hot water to a brother in need! PTL

    We’re sipping White Pear tea here today, sweetened with honey straws. The boy(8) begs for honey straws.

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