Simple But Disgusting Science Experiment

I was reading tonight in this book I got from the library about different science experiments kids can do that involve food.  Paul and I decided to try one that is somewhat disgusting.  We took a small container and put a tiny piece of meat in it.  Next comes the gross part.  Paul couldn’t quite bring himself to do this, so I did it.  I spit all over that piece of meat, and then I put the lid on the container.  You’re supposed to leave it sit for a day and see what happens.  What do you think will happen?  I wonder if I’ll gag when we took off the lid.  Honestly, the things we homeschoolers do for the sake of education!    😀


8 thoughts on “Simple But Disgusting Science Experiment

  1. Hey! Homeschoolers, eh? I’m really interested in homeschooling. I don’t have children but am praying about it and researching in advance! Looks like you guys get up to alot of fun. I’m in the UK and less people seem to homeschool here than in other countries.

    God bless you,.
    Maria Toth

  2. Oh, this sounds really gross and believe it or not, I am interested in what the result will be.

    Maria–homeschooling is great and it may not seem like there are many people in the UK homeschooling, but once you start you often find there are quite a few. Yes, homeschoolers do have a lot of fun.

    God Bless

  3. Hi! I’m going through this (sort of) today! My (homeschooled!) son is scouring foodnetwork site to find something to cook. Thank goodness we don’t have to spit on it!! :p

    Thanks for coming by and looking at our cloud shots…I’ll have to come by often!

  4. Thats not an experiment. You have no hypothesis. You have drawn no conclusions. Although it id easily repeatable.

    Yes, you’re right. I didn’t go about this in a truly scientific way. Nevertheless, it was kind of fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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