Yesterday’s Field Trip

vallejos-home.jpg  vallejo-home-2.jpg  exterior-mission-solano.jpg  interior-mission-solano.jpg

Our study of California history took us on a little trip yesterday to the charming city of Sonoma.  While there, we visited Mission SanFrancisco de Solano and also the home of General Mariano Vallejo.  We ate our picnic lunch in a little park kitty corner from the mission.  It was a delight to have Uncle Tom(my oldest brother) along with us on our little trip.  Before we left Sonoma, we made a stop at the Sonoma Cheese Shop.  In the back of this shop is a wonderful little cafe that serves some “out of this world” gelatto.  Since it’s not every day that I have the opportunity to partake of such palet pleasing perfection, I decided to blow my diet for the day.  I had a small chocolate caramello crunch, and it was yummy!  Gelatto Classico is the brand that they serve, and if you ever get the chance, I would recommend trying some.  All in all, it was a wonderful day and a wonderful mix of education, family and fun.


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