Blessed By A Child

Yesterday, God used a child in our neighborhood to be a blessing to me.  Sarina knocked on my door looking for my son Paul, who was not home at the time.  While I was talking with her at the door, she told me she had a treat she was going to bring to Youth ALIVE that evening.  This 10 year old girl had made homemade snickerdoodles.  I already had a snack for the evening, but my heart was touched that she would want to do that for all the kids.  Sarina showed up about 45 minutes early for Youth ALIVE last night with her cookies.  Some of them were burnt, but even I burn cookies occasionally.  She helped me set up the two flannelgraphs I was going to be using for our Bible story and helped me make the “demo” to show the kids for the craft we would be doing.  I tried about 1/4 of one of the cookies she had made(I’m on a diet.), and it was good!  Anyhow, I was just moved by this child wanting to be a help not only to me but to her other friends in Youth ALIVE as well.  God is good.  🙂


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