A Blessed Woman

Proverbs 31:28  “Her children arise up, and call her blessed…. “

Today is the birthday of my favorite lady……………….my own dear mother.  I am so grateful to God that my mother is still around, and that we’ll have an opportunity later today to celebrate her special day with her.  Abraham Lincoln once said of his mother, “I thank God for my angel mother.  Her prayers have clung to me all of my life.”  I feel the same way about my mother.  I know that she daily prays for me and my other brothers and sisters(and the grandkids), and I have certainly benefited and felt the effects of her prayers.  Proverbs 31, speaks of the virtuous woman, and in verse 28 it talks about this woman’s children rising up and calling her blessed.  So tonight, we plan on doing just this very thing.  We will call her a blessed woman and let her know how much her blessedness has spilled over into our lives.  I thank God for my mom today! 


7 thoughts on “A Blessed Woman

  1. Oh, Carol, you are so blessed. Please take advantage of you mom being near. Mine moved to Mississippi recently and I miss her terribly. She’s always been close enough for me to go visit anytime I wanted to see her, now she’s gone.

    May God bless your time together this evening and give her a “Happy Birthday” from all your blogger friends!

  2. Let me add my birthday wishes to Tena’s. My mom’s been with the Lord ten years, and I still see her influence in so many ways. Have a wonderful celebration.

  3. Happy Birthday! May God’s Richest Blessings be yours! Carol,Enjoy every moment. My mother has been gone for 5 years and sometimes I still miss her so much, it hurts. I guess the Lord needed someone to teach angels how to sing. Anyway, don’t mean to be morbid. I’m glad you have this time with your mother. Please give her my best wishes.

  4. HI Carol, Hope you have a wonderful time with your Mom. Enjoy her all you can. My Mother is 85 and lives in Missouri (I’m in NC). I saw her last August, but we talk on the phone at least once a week. A good chat, a hour to an hour and a half. We laugh and “solve the problems of the world.” My Mom is losing her vision to macular degeneration but listens to music and books on tape. She waters her plants and takes car of her dog. She keeps up with current events. She’s sweet and loving and positive. I am a Christian today because she lived her faith more than talked about it. She loved her three children to Jesus. We, who have “angel mothers,” are blessed beyond measure.

  5. Thats very sweet Todays my mom’s birthay! an Im going to do the same the lord has helped my mom and blessed her in many ways

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