Mystery of the Missing Socks

This is not one of the deeper mysteries of life, but nonetheless, it is still something that puzzles me.  When I was a kid, it seemed as though mom was always losing our socks.  Everytime she would return from the laundromat, invariably, one of us kids would have at least one sock without a mate.  Mom used to tell us that there were “time pockets” in the washing machine and that sometimes some of our socks or other clothing would go into another dimension.  I think she may have actually believed this for a while, but I know she doesn’t hold to that explanation now.  Anyhow, it seems the “missing sock mantle” has been passed down to me, because missing socks happen with my children too.  I can’t blame it on forgetting things at the laundromat either, because I am blessed with a washer and dryer of my own.  So, I was wondering, what do you in blogworld think of this?  Can you come up with any explanations to explain this perplexing phenomenon? 


8 thoughts on “Mystery of the Missing Socks

  1. A new washing machine is very, very hungry, so it must eat lots of socks. Remember how the small baby socks used to satisfy it? Well, as times goes by, the machine’s appetites will grow. By the time is about to retire, nothing but big man socks will do.

    Washers are very hungry but not all that smart. So sometimes the washer makes a mistake and tries to eat something really big, like a pillow case or a table cloth. If the large item gets stuck, partway in the washer and partway in its “time pocket,” the seldom used but technical term for a washer’s belly, surgery may be required. Washer doctors are expensive, and sometimes washers have to be sent away permanently.

    But kind owner feel really sad when they have to buy new, expensive washers because the old got greedy. So try to teach your adolescent washer good feeding habits. Two socks per month is about right for the average machine.

  2. Carol, Helen is close to being right about the missing socks, but not quite. Actually, the missing socks are wire clothes hanger food. When you are not looking, a few of the socks dash from the laundry room into closets all over the house. The wire hangers devour the socks, and quickly reproduce themselves. Think about it. It must be true: There are always missing socks, and always a multiplying of wire hangers. Until this very moment, these phenomenon have been two of the world’s great mysteries—but now, through the magic of blogging and because of my infinite wisdom concerning such things–the mystery has been solved. No charge either. 🙂

    Love everybody.

  3. Sister Buxton,

    I am indebted to you for sharing your magnanimous revelation concerning this mystery of the ages. I will sleep better tonight, having acquired this new knowledge of which you so skillfully write. 😀

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