The Other Side of Camp


This area of the camp is called the Ampitheatre.  We had a bonfire here on Wednesday night where we roasted marshmallows and had a great time after the evening service.

For those that read my first post about camp, I didn’t mean to make it sound like we get up in the morning, have breakfast with the angels Gabriel and Michael and have church all day.  Children need to have a balance in their lives.  They need church, but they also need recreation and fun time, and they get it at camp.  Camp Sylvester is equipped with a basketball court, volleyball area, baseball field and a tetherball spot.  In addition, there is a lake nearby where the kids can go swimming.  The kids had the opportunity to participate in a talent show, a drum-off , and there were crafts for the younger kids (8-11)to assemble.  Church and all these activities combined made for a great Jr. Camp.  New friendships were made by many and memories that will last a lifetime.


2 thoughts on “The Other Side of Camp

  1. Hi Carol,
    I don’t think you made it seem like camp was nothing but church. Someone might get away with that once, but word would get around that it wasn’t all that much fun. 🙂 And the next year no one would attend. It sounds like many Christian camps, in that it includes something for the body and something for the soul. And every adult counselor knows some of the most important things happen one-on-one when the church is not in session, just as every parent knows this. The neat thing about your camp is that it brings kids together from different congregations. That way they make friends from a larger group. And they can look forward to seeing them again next year.

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