For The Joy of Birth

I can think of a few things during my pregnancies that I did not particularly enjoy.  One of them was lying awake a lot at night near the end of my pregnancies as the child within my belly did gymnastics.  It wasn’t necessarily fun having the child within me bouncing on my bladder so that I constantly needed to use the restroom.  I can’t honestly say that having morning sickness was absolutely thrilling to me or that experiencing contractions was some sort of natural high.  However it was all part of a process, and when my children were born, all of these little things that I endured seemed like nothing compared to the joy of being blessed with my own beautiful child. 

Joh 16:21 A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.

 I can think of several things about Jr. Camp that I don’t particularly enjoy.  Rarely ever do I get a good night’s sleep when I’m there because the mattresses we sleep on are either hard as rocks or limp as a dishrag.  Of course, getting to sleep usually takes quite a while anyway when you have a cabin of talkative girls.  If one of these girls awakens during the night and needs to use the restroom, guess who gets to take her out into the dark to go there?  You guessed it!  I don’t absolutely relish blowing black gunk out of my nose, but this happens every year, due to all the dirt and dust that abounds at camp.  I can’t say that the occasional “attitudes” that I encounter from some of the kids are a highlight for me either.  BUT………………when we come into the chapel, and the Word of God is preached in a way that these young people can relate to, and the Spirit of God begins to move, tears begin to flow down faces, hands are uplifted in the air as these kids are having intimate fellowship with the Creator of the universe, I somehow forget the unpleasant things. You see, there is a “birth” that is taking place. Something is being birthed into the spirits of these young people.  Perhaps there is a young man that will receive a call to preach the gospel.  There may be a young lady who receives encouragement and faith to continue serving God, in spite of living in a home where nobody else serves the Lord.  Another may be blessed with the understanding and inspiration that, “Yes, I can be a witness for the Lord in my school!”  Others may be challenged to a higher level of consecration of new committments to the Lord.  The possibilities are endless and exciting!  With so much in the world working toward the destruction of our children (see Shirley Buxton’s post today on pedophiles- )it was good to be a part of something that strives to help children to build a relationship with God.  The few inconvenieces of a camp are nothing compared to seeing a child on their face before God, weeping and speaking in tongues.  Oh, for the joy of birth! 


8 thoughts on “For The Joy of Birth

  1. Yes, the pain of giving birth is not something I absolutely love, but it is the joy of bringing a child, your very own child, into the world that makes it worth it. You got it right, Daniel.

  2. Sounds like you had a good week, if you subtract the mattresses, which wasn’t a drawing point in the first place. I haven’t been to a camp in a while. But at one of the Christian schools, where I used to teach, we took a weeklong “Beach Trip,” where we had various meetings during the day and evening, along with swimming and other physical activities. We had the Lord’s Supper and baptisms in the ocean the final night.

  3. Glad you are home safe and sound, and glad you had a good time. It’s people like you, who take the time out of their own lives, and give, sacrificialy and unselfishly, so that these precious little souls can go and enjoy camp! Thank you! If is wasn’t for you and others doing the same thing, there wouldn’t be any Jr. Camp. God bless you!

  4. Oh camp days! I recently celebrated my spiritual “birthday” in June – 19 years, born at Missouri district youth camp. Thankful for the adults that toiled & tarried for my deliverance. Nice post~

    RYC~ Thanks for stopping by! Oh, deep fried Oreos…Bobarino was bragging about all these deep fried delicacies he’d enjoyed: oreos, twinkies, candy bars…thus, I thought I’d try when the opportunity presented itself. It’s not a “do it yourself” snack for sure. Actually, it really wasn’t all that but I’d try the Twinkie. :o)

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