Abigail Joy

Abby Mann

Six days from now, my sweet little niece, Abigail Joy, will be a year old!  I will be out of town on her birthday, so I thought I would write about her now.  Through looking in a name book, I discovered that Abigail means “a father’s joy.”  Abby, as we call her, is the spitting image of her daddy, and I know that she is a joy to him.  She has been a joy to all of us.  My mom watches her 3 days a week, and in this picture, she is sitting in her little pool in the backyard.  I know it has been a joy for my sister and her husband to see all those marvelous “firsts” that come with an infant…………………first smile, first tooth, first laugh, first step, etc.  I know that Abby will continue to bring joy to her family, and it is my prayer that as she grows older, there will be joy in Heaven as Abby chooses to become a partaker of God’s great salvation. (Acts 2:38)

Below is an acrostic poem that I wrote for Abby’s baby shower.  Happy Birthday Abby!

Abigail Joy 


Auntie Carol’s long awaited niece 

Bundle of joy from the Prince of Peace 

Immediately, you were enjoyed by all 

God’s special gift, so delicate, so small 

Ann’s long awaited promise child 

Imagine dad’s joy when you first smiled 

Long slender fingers and cute tiny toes 

Just waiting to be held by all, I suppose 

Overflowing, our hearts, with thanks to God above 

You, sweet Abby, we shower with love. 




9 thoughts on “Abigail Joy

  1. Nieces and nephews are so much fun! I have 7 nephews and 2 nieces. That’s only 2 sisters! My other 2 sisters have yet to get married and have children. Nieces and nephews are for our enjoyment between when our kids where babies and when we have grandchildren. Having babies and children in our lives makes life fun and enjoyable.

  2. Well!…..I have 10 nieces and 12 nephews, not to mention my own four children. So our annual family re-union, as you can imagine, is hectic! We get together each year following the passing of my dear wonderful Mother. We try to aim for her Anniversary which is June 22nd…..I always feel she is watching us all having fun (keeping an eye on me!)

  3. AWWWWW! It is so good to see Abby Girl! Your poetry is liable to put you as favorite auntie . . . I’ll have to gather my wiles and put them to work from across the miles.


  4. My name is Abigail Joy too, although I am 18 years old not 5. And my dad often reminds me that my name means Fathers Joy although i do not always live up to this. thanks for sharing.!

    Hi Abigail Joy. I’m sure you dad reminds me from time to time of the meaning of your name because you do bring him joy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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