Espanoling myself to death


In a quest to learn more Spanish, and at the request of mi profesora who was looking for more people to enroll in her online Spanish course, I took the plunge.  I began my first short online grammar course in June.  At the time I enrolled, I hadn’t really considered all that would be going on for me this summer, including my husband’s cousin coming from New York to visit us for a week.  I really started out doing good in this course, but because of the busyness of life and failing to pace myself, I fell behind in my studies.  Last night and most of today I have been plowing through lesson after lesson, because all of my schooled life, I never liked leaving assignments unfinished.  I thank the Lord, that I am almost finished.  I have 2 more lessons to complete and a short essay to write on a famous Hispanic individual of my choice.  Right now, it’s after 10 p.m. here, and I am too brain dead to do anymore Spanish.  The only thing I can think to say is Buenas Night, oops, I mean Good Noches.  Oh well, you get the picture.  Voy a dormir!


9 thoughts on “Espanoling myself to death

  1. Hola!
    Stick at it, you’ll be fine. We should all learn a second language. I need to touch up on my French! All being well, we may have a week in France before the girls go back to school:rol: “Ooh la la!”

  2. I know only a little espanol but I SO desire to learn more!!! That’s one of my life-goals and I know I could do something about it, but as you say, the busyness of life….

    Good luck and God bless you!!!

  3. Lynnie, (what’s that in Spanish?)

    Glad to see your Spanglish is coming along so nicely, kinda like my Franglais. I just discovered an Italian immersion group within walking distance of my home. I’m thinking about taking el plungo and trying the mother tongue out for size.


  4. Thank you all for your encouragement. I have finished the grammar part, and now all I have left is writing a short essay on an important Hispanic person. Fortunately, I can do that in English!

    Daniel, I think it is fun to learn a second language. It’s so much easier to do too, when you are young.

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