The Other Web


The kids and I experienced the wonder of the web today.  Our neighbor was part of this momentous event, along with a group of 7-ll year olds.  This creative presentation of Charlotte’s Web took place at a local children’s theatre in our area.  Sarina, our neighbor, played the motherly part of Martha Arable, and did a great job.  The play lasted for 90 minutes and included a 15 minute intermission.  Charlotte’s Web has always been one of my favorite children’s books.  When the kids were a little younger, we did a unit study on Charlotte’s Web.  One of the activities we did during this study was to collect spider webs.  We would look for spider webs that were unoccupied, spray them with adhesive, and then take a piece of black construction paper and press it on the web.  Presto!  The web sticks to the paper, and there you have your sample of a real spider’s web.  We designed our own Wilbur and Charlotte to have indoors too.  We made Wilbur out of a Quaker oatmeal box that we painted pink.  We added eyes, nose mouth and feet with construction paper and attached a tail made with chenille wire.  We constructed Charlotte out of wadded up balls of tin foil, some glue on googely eyes and black chenille wire for the legs.  Looking back on it now, I sure wish I would have taken some pictures.  We tried keeping a pet spider of our own for a while too.  I captured one in the backyard in a jar.  The kids added grass and sticks to give it a “homey” atmosphere.  We poked some airholes in the lid so the spider would be able to breathe.  The jar was left on the back porch, and Jen used to check it in the morning when she woke up.  One morning she looked in the jar and could not find the spider anywhere.  She opened the jar, turned over the lid, and there was the spider sitting on the lid.  This startled her so bad that she dropped the lid and the glass jar.  Our spider keeping came to a crashing halt, but it was fun while it lasted. 

We have made some good homeschool memories over the years, and seeing Charlotte’s Web today brought some of those back to mind.  There is much life and friendship beyond “The WWWeb”, and I was reminded of that as we saw this cute little play.


5 thoughts on “The Other Web

  1. That’s okay that it’s not your favorite. We all have different tastes. The thing I like about it is that it is the story of an unlikely friendship between a pig and a spider. Who ever would have thought that a pig and a spider who are so different from one another could form a friendship? Did you ever think you would find friends like Shirley, Helen and I who are so different from you?

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