Hit and Run

I’ve been reading some in Blogging For Dummies, and I’m learning a lot of new terminology.  However, I’ve noticed a common phenomenon among bloggers for which I would like to create a term of my own.  My new phrase is “hit and run.”  Currently, I have 64 posts on my blog, have received 2,744 hits, but only 193 comments.  That leaves me with a hit and run margin of 2,551.  Hit and run refers to those people who visit blogs, but do not leave comments.  This probably is a good thing, because if everyone left a comment, my mailbox would be full, and I wouldn’t have time to read all those comments.

On the other hand, my curiousity sometimes gets the best of me, and in the spirit of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, I can’t help but wonder, “Who’s been stopping at my blog?


9 thoughts on “Hit and Run

  1. I must confess, being that it’s good for the soul, that when I visit your blog, only to find you haven’t posted anything new, I run; thus, I am one of the ‘hit and runners” who messes up your blog count. And I must confess also, that I really don’t care about your blog count. I will beat you anyhow! 🙂 ;-(

  2. Helen,

    No, it would be pretty hard to surpass you. My goal is just to stay ahead of my daughter. 🙂 Truthfully, the hits don’t really matter to me all that much. It is kind of fun just having an idea of how many people are visiting your blog.

  3. Ok, I too must confess that I often time read blogs and do not post. I love having sitemeter and can see who from all over is at least looking at my blog.

    Happy Blogging to all.


  4. Guilty as charged. Your writing is just so riveting that I’m left speechless. Hence, I’m an occasional and procrastinative commenter–a “commentlater,” if you will. Perhaps I can mend my ways with a new “comment-tarry” policy.


  5. Well, I wasn’t really trying to turn this into a confession session, but since we have the ball rolling too, I might as well admit that even I, have fallen into the hit and run syndrome. I have a feeling it’s common among bloggers.

  6. I too am a ‘hit and run’ blogger at times and as annoying as it is to have 15000 stopovers and only 2 comments it is definitely nice to check how many have been.
    Thanks for adding me to your ‘other bloggers’ list. Nice to see. (I found out by looking at my tracking stats – see it does have some benefits.

  7. I wonder about that, too, as I get many more hits than comments. Still, it is fun to write.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now that I have found you, I will come back.

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