A lovely young bride promenades

down the aisle, reflecting on

the happiness of this moment, and

ever so glad in her heart that

she has kept herself pure

in anticipation of this special day.

As Rick lays in the gutter,

clothing tattered, mud-stained face

and breath reeking, he can’t

help but wonder why

he ever took that first drink.

Sally stands so straight and proud

as she hold her first place trophy

for the National Spelling Bee,

recalling those times when

she forced herself to study and

now knowing that it paid off.

While handcuffs are slapped on the wrists

of a wretched old man

and he is taken away to

the prison of his own making,

a child’s innocence has been shattered.

These four souls are not related, yet

they share a common bond

as players in life’s drama

of Choice and Consequence.


5 thoughts on “Choosers

  1. Okay. But I think it takes a lot more faith (and work) to create images and then trust that God will show readers what they need to see. The reason I say this is that we receive truth from the ah ha moment of discovery differently than truth that is told to us by a friend (teacher, pastor, parent, etc). When we discover truth for ourselves, we own it.

  2. Thanks, Daniel. I’ve just been thinking a lot about choices people make in life. Many times we forget that choices we make affect more people than just ourselves, for either good or bad. I hope that you and I make good choices. Have a happy 4th of July.


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