Here Come The Butterflies


 I don’t know how they are going to do it, but come Friday morning about 9 a.m. these insects called butterflies are going to be inside Jennifer’s stomach.  I really can’t explain how they do it, but I know that they do get inside your insides, because they have been doing it to me for years.  Jen’s senior finals for Bible quizzing are beginning this day, and I know she will be a little nervous.  The butterflies always come to me when I’m nervous too.  It’s really an incredible phenomenon.  However, I know that Jen will do just fine. 

On the other hand, our going away the weekend for senior finals will mean that once again, Misty will have to do time in her “poochie penitentiary.”  (also known as the slammer) She’ll see the suitcases come Thursday, and once again, she’ll get that dejected look in her eyes of a dog that’s about to face solitary confinement.  If only she knew that we plan to make it up to her at the end of July by taking her with us when we go to campmeeting.  But alas, she lives only in the here and now and cannot anticipate the future. (except for her next meal, of course) If I could, I would assure Misty that just as Jen’s butterflies will eventually flee, so her weekend lockdown is only temporary.  Bible quizzing season is almost over!

9 thoughts on “Here Come The Butterflies

  1. Daniel,

    I got the picture of the butterflies off the Internet. I sure wish I could paint a picture like that, but that isn’t one of my talents.


  2. I wish I could excel in everything, but that is not the case. Actually, Jennifer, my daughter is the artist in the family, and she probably could draw those butterflies. She also excels on the piano while I am struggling with it.

  3. piano is easy listen closeley and find each not and every time there r those 3 black notes ans 2 black notes. the end of each of the 2 loakc notes is the note C lsten and u will find a destiny

  4. My Dad always said I should learn to play the piano, but I was so rebellious in my youth, I chose not to. I played the violin, though, for six months! I regret not learning the piano now.

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