The Riddle and The Reward

The Riddle and The Reward 

In the book of Judges 14:12, Samson put forth a riddle to some Philistines and offered them a reward if they could give a correct answer to that riddle.  I have a riddle that I would like to share today.


When can it happen? – It happens in the morning, evening, 3 times a day, before meals, after meals, at bedtime, at midnight, day and night, when you’re young, when you’re old, when you’re troubled or when you’re joyful.


Where can it happen? – It can happen in a cave, in a closet, in a garden, on a mountainside, by a river, by the sea, in the street, in the
Temple, at home, in the stomach of a fish, in battle, on a housetop, in a prison, in the wilderness and on a cross.


Finally, it should never be limited to certain times, places or circumstances.


You’ve probably guessed by now that the “it” that I’ve been talking about is prayer.  To those of you who guessed the correct answer, I am not able to give you a reward.  However, I know someone who can reward you as you make prayer a daily practice.


Hebrews 11:6, speaking of God, tells us that “….he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”  What kind of reward does God give?  Psalm 91:15-His presence in our troubles and deliverance, I Chronicles 16:11-God’s strength, John 16:24-joy that is full and Luke 11:9-opened doors of opportunity, just to name a few.


What a marvelous privilege it is to have an audience with the King of Kings through the medium of prayer.  More than ever before, may we echo the words of the disciples in Luke 11:1, “Lord, teach us to pray……..”



The Outcome of Prayer 

The privilege and duty of prayer

Is beckoning souls who will care

The rewards are eternal

From One who’s Supernal

To those who will labor in prayer.


5 thoughts on “The Riddle and The Reward

  1. The main point of this writing is to share that God loves when we pray, we can pray anywhere and anytime and that God rewards people who pray. The poem on the bottom is just a little limerick that I wrote about prayer. Hope that makes a little more sense, Daniel. If there is anything in particular you have questions about, I would be glad to answer you.


  2. Yes Helen, I do believe in a sense that prayer is its own reward. I find prayer rewarding when I pray for someone that is sick, and I see God heal them. It’s rewarding when I have prayed with people at an altar and see tears roll down their cheeks as they feel the presence of God. However, even if I don’t “see” God doing things, prayer is rewarding because it is what links us to God. I don’t believe you can have a relationship with God if you don’t pray, and Chrisianity, in a nut shell, is about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. What kind of marriage would you have if you and your husband never spent time talking to each or being in each other’s company? Not much of one at all. It’s the same way with the Lord. So yes, just to be able to pray and have that special relationship with Him is very rewarding!

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