The Race

The Race


A runner started off to run a race,

with confidence in his heart and a smile on his face.

His stride was sure and steady.  His feet felt lighter than air.

A cool breeze was upon his back.  He didn’t seem to have a care.


He had a mind of positive thoughts about the race that he would finish.

It seemed like nothing now could make his joy diminish.

Running now a while, the sweat drips down his face.

His spirit still riding high; he slackens not his pace.


The wind now blowing against him; he begins to become tired.

But the thought of final victory, this idea keeps him inspired.

Farther down the path now, his face aglow and red,

trying not to think of it as he gazes straight ahead.


Gone now is the joy he had before,

when he started the race so sure.

One though dominates his weary mind,

“Somehow, I must endure!”


Exhausted but suddenly realizing

this pain can’t go on forever

For surely there is an end,

 to this my noble endeavor.


Oh Christian, so much like the runner are you,

running the race as God bids you to do.

‘Tis a thing of joy to know that Christ is by your side

through all your running days on earth

He has promised to be your guide.


But when the pain and suffering come

that joy can seem so far away.

Yet through it all run straight ahead

There’s coming a better day.


Trials will come as you run in the race,

but don’t let them get you down.

Remember that those who endure to the end

will obtain the incorruptible crown.    

Carol Connell          



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