Costa Rica Trip-Day 6 to finish

March 26, 2006

Our first service this morning was in another suburb of
San Jose called Heredia.  This church is also on a busy street and in the upstairs of a building.  These people desperately need another place to worship.  Even if all 11 of us had not been present, the place still would have been packed with many people standing in the back.  This church also had a great spirit of worship.  There were children on the front row that were jumping and praising God during the song service.  I believe they are a reflection of their pastor, Alfonso Morales, who himself seems to be a great worshipper.  Brother Teel of Woodlake preached, and God moved again as He had done in each service.  Two people were baptized with the Holy Ghost!  There was a lady that received prayer for a painful swelling on her neck.  Brother Allard, through the interpreting of Brother Schwarz, told this lady that God does not always heal instantaneously.  Sometimes, He heals gradually.  He told her that God was going to heal her and to believe it.  Brother Schwarz received a phone call later that evening informing him that this woman’s pain and swelling were gone!  To God be the glory!

In the afternoon, we went to church in Pavas.  This is the church that Brother Schwarz pastors.  He has Sunday School at 2 p.m. and worship service at 3:15 p.m. Brother Schwarz had asked all of us to be prepared to testify. (which he of course, would interpret)  Because I knew this ahead of time, and because I had access to an online translator, I was able to prepare a short testimony in Spanish.  When I gave the testimony, people were nodding their heads like they understood what I said.  Que un milagro!  Brother Schwarz’s daughter and son-in-law led the worship, and they did an excellent job.  Brother Jones preached a tremendous message on the love of God, and people crowded around the altar.  Two people received the Holy Ghost.  It never ceases to be such a thrill to see people born of the Spirit!  I felt sad that this was our last service.  I have enjoyed church so much.

On the last 2 days here, we did some sightseeing together.  We took a drive through the countryside and enjoyed the beautiful flowers, trees and green mountains, which provided some great photo opportunities.  A trip planned to Volcano Poas was cancelled due to the volcano erupting after 12 years of inactivity.(Thank God we weren’t there at the time.) Due to the far distance, we were not able to see the tropical rain forest, but I am okay with that.  I was privileged to see things of eternal value, and I met some precious brothers and sisters in Christ that I hope to see again in heaven. I’m grateful to God and the Western District to have had the opportunity to be a part of Pastors on Missions 2006.

Heredia Church upstairs

A few of us outside the church in Heredia.

Hermano Morales and family

Hermano Morales and family

Pavas interior

The interior of the church at Pavas.

El grupo

El grupo


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