Costa Rica Trip-Day 3

March 23, 2006

After breakfast at the hotel, Brother and Sister Schwarz took us to a place called
Moravia, where they sell lots of souvenirs.  We spent a good part of the day shopping and then went back to our hotel to prepare for tonight’s service.  We went to another suburb of
San Jose called Desamparados.  This is the place in
Costa Rica where the work of God first began.  The church building was the largest of the 6 churches that we visited.  The pastor, Ivan Salas, played the keyboard and led the worship, accompanied by 2 praise singers, a guitarist and a young boy that played the drums. (Seeing this boy made me homesick for our 10 year old son, who is also a drummer.)  Brother Bledsoe preached a great message on what happened in Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost and how that experience is still for us today.  We had a wonderful altar service with many being renewed in the Spirit and one person receiving the Holy Ghost for the first time. 

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 Ah coffee!

Yours truly having an awesome cup of  Costa Rican coffee at a great little cafe we found in Moravia.

 Church in Desamparados

The church in Desamparados. 

One thought on “Costa Rica Trip-Day 3

  1. Mi Hermana Bonita,

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your Costa Rican adventure. I’ve even added your site to my blogroll! You are an inspiration to me! Truly the elder shall serve the younger!

    Hasta la Proxima,

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