Just experimenting

Jen's Shell Drawing

Since I'm somewhat technologically challenged, I thought I would experiment and see if I can upload a picture that my daughter took of her artwork using my cell phone.  Let's see if this works.  I couldn't post any Costa Rica pictures I think because they take up too much space.  I know there's a way to change that, but I haven't quite figured that out yet.  One step at a time.

It worked.  It somehow ended up at the top of this post, but at least it's there.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Just experimenting

  1. Are you using ImageShack to upload??? or IrfanView to resize???

    They’re really easy & you’d love the freedom of doing whatever you want with the photos you upload.

    Somewhere on my site is a conversation between me and a guy named Mario on how to upload and resize. Also on my site (on the bottom of the homepage) is a link to ImageShack…

    It’s worth a click…trust me. Hope it helps.

    Good luck.


  2. Carol, I use Flickr to load my pictures. After you load them into Flickr, a question comes up. Want to blog this? I click yes, and it sets it up on my page.

    I can’t figure out all the tech stuff, either, but I have got the picture stuff going.

    Onward. 🙂

  3. Most computers come with some sort of photo editing software, too. Look for “resize” or something that sounds like that. Make your pictures with the longest aspect measuring in at 600 or less, and wordpress will take them. But save your original, don’t replace it with the resized picture! Not bad though for using the cellphone! Good luck!

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