Our Costa Rica trip

“Taxi?  Taxi?  I take you bags.  I carry you luggage.”  These were the types of phrases that assailed our ears as we walked out of the doors of
Airport in
San Jose, Costa Rica.  It was approximately 10 p.m. on March 21, 2006, and there were 11 of us from the Estados Unidos(United States) that had come to
Costa Rica for the 2006 Western District Pastors On Missions trip.  Included in our group are Brother and Sister Ed Allard, Brother and Sister Tim Bledsoe, Brother and Sister Morgan Underwood , Brother and Sister Tim Teel , Bro. Carlton Jones and Brother and Sister Pete Connell .  The missionaries here are David and Yonda Schwarz, who are both originally from
Odessa, Texas.  From the moment we met them, they were very cordial and made us feel so welcome.  Sister Schwarz gave all of us ladies a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.  Our luggage was loaded into the Schwarz’s van with some help from a native Costa Rican who was given a good tip.  (We found out tipping is done often and expected.) I could immediately tell by the way people were driving that we were in a foreign country.  People drive very aggressively, at least in
San Jose, and during our stay, it was not uncommon to see near collisions.  After about a 15 minute drive, we arrived(in one piece) at the Parque Del Lago Hotel in
San Jose.  Before we went to our rooms, Sis. Schwarz gave each of us a bag full of goodies. (bottled waters, mangos, grapes, bananas and a variety of cookies and candies) We briefly discussed our schedule for the next day, said “Buenas Noches”(Did I mention they speak Spanish here?) and went to our rooms for some much needed sleep.


This information is taken from the journal I kept while we were in Costa Rica.  I have some pictures I want to upload from the trip, but I'm having some difficulty.  I will try putting them on a new post.  I plan to post day 2 of our trip tomorrow.


One thought on “Our Costa Rica trip

  1. Hey! You’re doing it – blogging on your mission trip! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading all about it before I leave! My sister is going to be posting for me with excerpts from my letters from Zambia while I am gone, so you can read a little bit about my trip while I’m still gone!

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