I Survived Youth A.L.I.V.E.

Thursdays are always pretty busy for me.  I flit about the house during the day cleaning and making sure that things are in order.  Since we only have access to the church building we rent on Sundays, we have our midweek Bible study at our home on Thursday nights.  While my husband teaches the adults, I am in the garage teaching the kids who range in age from 5 to 15.  Last night, I was really tired and really didn't feel like teaching.  Sometimes when you're in a garage trying to teach between 10-16 kids it can feel like more of a fiasco than something spiritual.  A few weeks ago, I sent one of our neighbor kids home, because he was throwing food at our puppets while we were trying to do a puppet show.  I felt bad about that, but he had just pushed the limit.  His dad said that he could never come back again, but last night, he was there, and he behaved very well. 🙂  The kids really listened through the lesson, and then we did a craft that they all seemed to enjoy.  They worked in groups of 2-4 and built churches out of toothpicks and garbanzo beans.  There was lots of laughter and planning, and they really came up with some unique designs.  One group even had an office for the pastor in their church.  After we had a snack, the magical moment came when I opened the garage door, and they all rushed outside to play basketball, ride scooters or jump rope.  Last night really felt like Youth A.L.I.V.E. rather than "Suffer The Children Hour"(me, being the one who's suffering), and I was thankful for that.


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