A Mother’s Search For Truth

A Mother’s Search For Truth 

The young mother buried her face in her hands and cried hot tears of anguish.  She could not believe that after 12 years and 6 children her marriage was over.  Would this pain never end?  Was life really worth the living?  Then, the thought came to her —suicide.  She could be free of this pain and end it all quickly.  As she pondered how to do it, a vision flashed across her mind.  She saw the children, her six children who ranged in age from 12 years old to just barely 2.  Who would take care of the children if she were to end her life?  The realization hit her that because of her pain, she had considered doing something very selfish.  No, she would not abandon the children, no matter how much it hurt. This is where her search for the One true God began, although she did not realize at the time that God was the one for whom she was searching.  She simply purposed in her heart and mind that she would carve out a good life for the kids. 

She turned to the religion of her upbringing.  The children, who are all grown now, still remember the time that she brought home a rented statue of the virgin Mary. Every night she would make them stop whatever they were doing and come and pray the rosary, because as she told them repeatedly, “The family that prays together, stays together.” 

After her and the kids moved to the suburbs where her younger sister lived, she began to get involved in astrology books and horoscope readings. Fortunately, that fizzled out after a while too.  Then there was “Lifestream”, which dealt heavily in meditation, relaxation and other New Age themes.  The kids did get involved to a certain extent in their mother’s “searchings”, although they did not understand her and often made fun of her behind her back.  They used to call her the “Preacher” when she tried to read to them from the Bible or some other self-help magazine.

Finally, in 1979 her eldest daughter’s boyfriend, who recently had been baptized in Jesus’ name and filled with the Holy Ghost, helped her to see that God had more for her. She flew to
California in June of 1979 to see her eldest daughter (who by this time had been baptized and received the Holy Ghost) get married.  The night of her daughters wedding, she was invited to something called a “Singspiration”. This was a service where different singers and musicians would take turns singing and playing in worship to God. She felt the presence of God in a way that she had never before experienced.   Hot tears poured down her face, but this time they were tears of repentance as she began to confess her sins to God. A short time later, as she was praying, the presence of God gloriously filled her, and she began to speak in tongues, just like people did in the book of Acts. To conclude this wonderful evening, she was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and continued basking in the wonderful presence of God that surrounded her.  This experience really changed her and had a tremendous influence on all of her children.  Thanks to the grace of God and the persistent prayers of this mother, all 6 of her children have had their own “book of Acts experience”  and  are serving the Lord today.

In conclusion, I just want to say, thank you, mom.  I believe with all my heart that because of your spiritual hunger and searching, God allowed our family the opportunity to hear the saving Word of God and to develop a relationship with that one true God.   I love you, Mom.  You’re the greatest!             


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